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State Bank of India is the first choice when we need to open Bank Account. Yes! believe me when I was going to open my First Bank Account everybody suggested me to go for SBI and also in present times I am seeing many of them opening with SBI. We all know State Bank of India(SBI) is government undertaking bank and can be fully trusted. I am having SBI account and quite satisfied by the services but sometimes it sucks due to slow processes But overall the process is quite good and I am loving it. Now lets come to the business, we all know that Government procedures are very slow that is why SBI added and started Check balance thorugh mobile quite late.
How to Check SBI Account Balance by Mobile SMS | InternetTricks

I personally know, sometimes we need to check your balance urgently. In most conditions there is no nearby ATM and Bank Branch from where you can check your Bank Account Balance.
Take rest Now we can check SBI Account Balance with a simple Mobile SMS. Lets have a look below and follow quick steps with your registered mobile.

Note : The number must be registered and linked with your Bank account from which you going to send SMS. If not then go to nearest ATM or Branch and add your Mobile number.
I am assuming that your mobile number is registered and you having your UserID and Mpin (For these details goto you nearest branch) or check SBI official Site :

For Balance Enquiry : Send (SBAL)(UserId)(Mpin) to 9223440000
Soon you will get your Account Balance details in your mobile via SMS. I have seen sometimes SBI charge Rs 3/- per SMS but After using this several times it’s now free for me
This trick can be very useful when you are getting some instant cash and you need to confirm urgently also when there is no computer with you and you are on travel or you do not having working Mobile Internet Plan with Mobile Banking App.

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