Facebook Tricks- How to Increase Facebook Likes

Method 1 :
Every Facebook page administrator wants to expand their page’s reach, but they don’t want to dip too far into their coffers to do so.
How to Increase Facebook Likes l Facebook Tricks

Do you tried like exchange sites for increase your likes? being tired with like other pages and popup pages?Today I'm going to explain you how to  increase your facebook fan page likes with fanbox without clicking on like buttons no popup windows.Everything start from one click .
I will show you step by step  how to do it ..
firstly you need Firefox web-browser.If you haven't it yet click here to get it.  After downloading open Mozilla Firefox.
  1. Now install Imacros plugin to your firefox by clicking here.
  2. Download the JavaScript clicking here.
  3. Now copy & paste downloaded file or download directly it to the imacros .Go to documents>>Imacros>>Macros>>Demo-Firefox and paste or download scrift file to Demo-Firefox.
  4. close the firefox and open it again.
  5. Go to Fansbox here and "ALLOW " the app.
  6. Then go to add a page >>switch page and add your page and save the settings.
  7. Now open up a new tab in firefox and log in with your facebook account.
  8. Doubleclick the imacros icon top right corner of your firefox page blue icon then a imacros tab should appear  left hand side of the browser.
    9.  Now double click Demo-Firefox then double click fansboxbot.js .
   10. You can see now a window having number of 5.keep it as 5 and save it.
     11. Now this will just start earning you points and because you added your   fanpage at the beggining of the tutorial you will now constantly get likes as long as your bot is running.

Method 2 :

There are 2 popular sites to increase your Facebook Page Likes. They Will Help You To Increase Your Facebook Likes. Firstly Create Your Account On Those Websites And Then You Are Increase Your Facebook Likes.www.Likesfollow.net
         Go To This Website and Create Your Account First. Then You Can Earn Point By Many Methods On This Websites. Then Setup Your Facebook Page In Your Account. And You Can Easily Increase Your Facebook Likes.http://www.sonuker.com
This Is Another Website To Increase Your Facebook Likes. Follow Method Of Likesfollow Website and You Can Increase Your Facebook Likes.

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