Internet Tricks- How To Use Airtel New Duck Vpn BBM 53 Trick Working All Over India - June July 2013

How To Use Airtel New Duck Vpn BBM 53 Trick Working All Over India - June July 2013 l Internet Tricks
Airtel BBM Topic we have recently shared the Airtel TCP 443 Config which is Working all over India but certain states user’s including me have found it got blocked and have frequent disconnection problems, So while trying to connect with other ports I got connected with TCP 53 config (Modified with Host) and using it from last 2 days. Here I am sharing my NMD Config with you which is based on TCP 53 port with certain host included. This is a surefire trick which is confirmed going to work for Maharashtra, UP east, West Bengal and Mumbai user’s. However it is predicted to work all over India.

The Airtel TCP 53 BBM Trick is based on APN. If you know BBM tricks and complete method then directly download config and implement on it. If you are new to BBM trick then please read Airtel BBM Trick and its procedure numerous of Tricks sharing websites and forums are flooded with BBM config and one gets confused which to choose, also most of them does’t work and some are fake Hence to make it clear simply download our TCP 53 config and enjoy high speed Airtel 3G.

Benefits of Airtel TCP 53 BBM Trick:

* A TCP protocol based Trick working with NMD VPN
* No need to use Finger (Pinger) as this config doesn’t have Disconnection
* Confirmed Working in many states and predicted to be working all over India
* User needs to have BBM (Unlimited BBM messaging plan) activated on his/her number
* Use Access point : to connect
* If speed is capped check out our latest Airtel Speed Uncapping solution.
* Premium servers are added with Downloading speed upto 250k kbps
Steps to Connect Airtel TCP 53 BBM on Windows platform:

The trick is based on Duck VPN config, We have modified it with proxy and host to make it work on Airtel BBM TCP Protocol. here you don’t need NMD VPN as this VPN (name undisclosed) is a portal OpenVPN client with config. Check out the steps.

*Make Sure you have Airtel BBM Plan activated on your Airtel Number

*Enter APN as on your modem dashboard.

*Now download the VPN with included config.

* Just extract the .rar file and Run the portable VPN

 * Also read the instructions.txt file for complete step by step instructions to conect TCP 53 VPN

 * That’s It! If speed is slow try connecting with another server.

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