How to Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook l InternetTricks

How to Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook l InternetTricks
You might have seen several spam messages which promises you to identify the person who unfriend you on facebook. But almost 99% of them takes the publishing rights to your facebook wall and keep spreading spam messages on you wall.
But this time, I’m introducing a new web application which will help you to know, who unfriend you on facebook. It works 100%.Trick To Find Who Unfriends You On Facebook:

Follow these steps below to know who unfriends you on facebook.

· Tick on terms of use and click
login with facebook

· The website will ask you for some permissions, Click on allow.
That’s it.

· After that, whenever you visits you will get notified on who had unfriended you.

How Outandin Works:

When you sign up to, they will collect your friend list. And whenever you revisits, they will again check your friend list. And that’s how they makes a calculation on who has unfriended you.
Will This App Stay Forever:

By looking into the history of facebook, We can understand that facebook never supported these kind of apps. So that, I can’t guarantee you how long it will last.
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