Moblie Tricks- How to Unlock 3G service in Lg Mobile

How to Unlock 3G service in Lg Mobile |download Unlocker free| Hacks 2013

HOW To Unlock KG800

1. Insert sim from the network that it is locked to.
2. Turn on phone
3. On home Screen, Slide up phone
4. Type 2945#*#
5. ENG. Mode menu should appear
6. Go Down to Factory Reset Select it, may take a few minutes to reset!!!!!
7. This will reset the phone back to before the Phone was locked to a network
8. The phone will automaticaly Restart(Note The Network Logo At start up will not change)
9. Now insert Any simcard(Not tested with 3 sims)and the phone should turn on normaly
10. The phone is now unlocked and you can customise the setting as you like.

I have tested this With LG Chocolate Locked on Orange, T-Mobile, Vodaphone they all work with O2, T-mobile, Vodaphone and orange Sim Cards.

3G service Unlocker
G S M g s m *

Support Phone

CU Series:
CU515, CU575, CU720, CU915, CU920
CB Series:
CB630 Invision (Go ‚Settings/Connection/USB Connection Mode’ and set it as ‚Data Service’
HB Series:
KB Series:
KC Series:
KC910, KC910Q, KC910Qa, KC910QAT
KE Series:
KF Series:
KF310, KF311, KF390, KF700
KT Series (Symbian OS):
KT610, KT615 (Go ‚Connectivity’ and set it as ‚Internet Services’)
KU Series:
KU250, KU380, KU385, KU970, KU990, KU990GO, KU990MF, KU990R
MU Series:
TU Series:
TU515, TU575, TU720, TU915
U250, U300, U310, U370, U450, U880, U890, U900, U960, U970, U990

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