How to Hide Drive in Windows 7

You just need to follow given steps in order to hide drive.
step 1:First of all select your drive that you want to hide.
Step 2:Now go to start button left corner on your desktop,go to my computer ,right click on it go to manage button.
step 3: Go to disk management and open it. Their see all drive.
step 4: Right-click at the drive you want to hide and select “Change drives letter and paths” option..
step 5: A small window will be arrived which would allow you to remove the drive letter.
step 6: Now Windows will get confirmation from you that whether you really want to remove drive letter or path? Confirm it by clicking at yes.
step 7: Window will inform you that the drive you are trying to hide is in use and removing its path can cause problems in the future. Don’t get worried from this option. Click at “yes” to continue.
step 8: Now You will notice that the drive letter has been removed. Now window will not be able to access files of this drive.
step 9: You have succeeded to hide your drive. You can confirm it by going to “My Computer” and check this drive. You would not be able to see it.
step 10: Now if you want to recrover this drive again, you foolow these step again go to “start” then “My computer” after that again go to “change drive letters and paths” letter to the drive and click ok. Your drive will be appeared in “My Computer”.

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