Window Tricks- 5 Ways To Increse Your Computer Hard Disk Space

5 Ways To Increse Your Computer Hard Disk Space

1. Disable System Restore

System Restore is a function to let user restore whole Windows back to specified date and time. It’s useful when our Windows is encounter some critical problem that we have no ideas how to solve it.The system restore function will took your total 1%-12% (base on how many restore points) of your hard disk space.
Right My Computer and click properties.
System Properties dialog pop up,
choose Configur
Sleect Any two Option Any of them OK

Ans other one more option on it show in below image follow instruction.
5 Ways To Increse Your Computer Hard Disk Space

2. Clear All Temporary Files

Every computer contain some temporary files and it takes some space of your hard disk.The easiest way is to open the folder containing all the temporary file and delete them. Okay, follow the steps. Now you must close any program you are using and click on
Start -> Run, then enter %temp% to open the folder and delete all files.It does not delete your content ,image,video any type of data.

3. Delete unnecessary file

When you browse internet a lot of bunch of files automatically takes memory on your computer. To delete this download a free software called Ccleaner. This software is one of my favorite and most useful. It will delete unnecessary files and will help to keep your computer run faster. To download Ccleaner go to this link

4. Removing unnecessary programs

Some programs are unuse and this program effect your post up speed.Uninstall all these programs and save your hard disk space.
Go to Control Panel
Add or Remove Programs ,then
any program you don’t want to use it again.

5. Adjust Recycle Bin size

Adjust the maximum size of Recycle Bin. Normally the Windows System reserve the hard disk space for Recycle Bin about 20% that is over for me and you, so we can decrease it to 5% and right away you get 15% more hard disk space.Right click on Recycle Bin icon on Desktop and choose Properties tab. Now you can adjust the size you want it to be.
Hope this trick save your some space of your hard disk and make your computer speed faster.

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