Customizing The Right Click “Send To” Menu:

Extra added option for the Send To Menu
1) Enable The Hidden Send to Options by Shift key + Right Click:
A number of extra options in the send to menu are hidden from regular use and can be enabled by the combination of Shift + Right Click combination.
When you want to see all the options this menu provides, just press the “shift key” and right-click on the file. This will then show the extended menu.
The extended send to menu mainly consists of folders from your library and a few other common folders. If you regularly use these folders for keeping your files, this feature can be useful to quickly move files to your regularly used folders.
Extended Send To Menu

2) Customize Your Send To Options:

The Send To menu can be customized by changing the items in the Send to folder. You can add your preferred folder or application to this list which can save a lot of time.
To get to this folder, just paste the following in the address bar of the Windows Explorer.
Here %APPDATA% is an environment variable that represents the Application Data. The above path maps you to the Send to folder with a path like
Another easier way to do this would be to type Shell:SendTo in the ‘Search programs and files’ box or in the Run command box.
Windows 7 Start Menu Box

The command is not case-sensitive.
Once you open the Send to folder you will see a few shortcuts that make up the options in your Send To menu.
Windows 7 Run DialogWindows Send To Folder
Here you can add a shortcut to any folder or even an application. For example, I added a shortcut to the folder Viki’s Downloads and one to Notepad.exe to this folder.
Now you can see these options are shown in the default Send To Menu in the image below.
Extra added option for the Send To Menu
For the users who usually move their files to specific folders other than the library folders, the above method will be useful.

3) Add A Browse Option To The Send To Menu:

If you prefer to keep things flexible and want the option to get access to any folder anytime – customizing the send to menu with a utility is the way to go.
Send To Other Location is a useful little utility that provides you the option to choose your “Send To” location.
Tweak Send to Context Menu

Select the file(s) that you wish to send and click on this option.
Click OK to copy/move the selected files to the Send to location.

Features of “Send To Other Location” Utility:

  • Self Installs (links) itself in to the Send to menu
  • You can browse for other folder, the app will remember them.
  • You can also Drag and Drop files in to the file list box (left) and it will get added to the Que.
  • Select a file and press Delete key to remove a file from the list.
  • You can choose to Copy a file, or to move it.
  • You can choose to make a Short Cut, Add in “Shortcut to…” or to give the shortcut its own special name.
You can download it from – here.